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Save both time and money with outsourced virtual assistants

Our experienced analysts are pre-vetted and pre-trained on your tools, with internal AI technology to turbocharge efficiency.



Cohesive combines top outsourced analysts with AI tech to best serve your needs. Our team is rigorously vetted for exceptional problem solving abilities, and have been pre-trained to understand your processes and technology.

Experienced and efficient analysts

Cohesive has proprietary relationships to source and hire top-tier talent overseas. In addition to selecting for top talent, we invest significant time in pre-training candidates.

Internal AI and automation technology

Cohesive has invested in and built internal AI technology that allows our team to be 2-3x more efficient. We can even work with you to build custom automation.

As much or as little help as you need

Cohesive is built to scale with your business. Whether you need a long-term EA or just short-term assistance, we can serve your needs and find suitable candidates for you in under a week.

How it works

You only hire someone that you approve of

About us

Our team has significant advantages in overseas recruiting due to proprietary relationships abroad and years of recruiting experience. This ability to recruit best-in-class overseas talent along with our experience building AI technology at companies like Microsoft & McKinsey allow us to offer the premier services.


Nathan Nguyen

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